Brick Robot Wars Parties

Brick Robot Wars Parties

Now offering Brick Robot Wars parties for all ages. Young or old everyone enjoys LEGO. So what could be better than building your own autonomous battle bot to compete in a no holds barred contest.

A Brick Robot Wars Party takes place at a location of your choice and over the course of 2 hours where a maximum of 10 participants are encouraged to learn how their bot is controlled before adding customisation and sending them into the arena to face each other and the fearsome house bots.

You will need a good sized room to fit everyone into and some floor space to build and battle the bots as well as a table and nearby power source. Suitable for all ages from 7 all the way up to adults.


Across Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire a 2 hour Brick Robot Wars Party is £200 (travel expenses apply if further)

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Construct your own bot or build on a chassis? Decide quick, time is an issue!


Whether you are ready or not you will have to fight. But watch out for the club minders, heavy weight bots out for plastic.


Your bot comes with a basic battle plan but if you want it to start going on the offensive you will need to start thinking.

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